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Who We Are

Best Route Productions is based in Cooper Landing, Alaska and has been in operation since 2014. Our line of work includes graphic design, web design, photography, and videography. Our projects range far and wide from rack cards, ad displays, to guide books, and magazines. We enjoy working behind the scenes and creating visual mediums that capture special moments and make business' shine.


Our logo is shaped like a compass to represent the best Route, and the owner's last name.  North to Alaska, North to Santa, North to whatever direction you are going is represented with a calligraphy pen, also depicting the graphing design work we do. The surrounding half circles represent a camera's shutter, for the work we do in photography. A one-stop shop for your visual media needs!

Why Ch00se Us? 

At Best Route Productions, we value quality experiences— before, during, and after. We’re dedicated to building personable and long-term relationships with our clients. We want to be the first name that comes to mind when you imagine a quality experience and quality work. Let us capture the magic of your special day, the adventure of your new business, or the beauty of your vacation rental. We enjoy capturing images that will tell your story for a lifetime and creating visual mediums to share your story with others. 

Meet Kristine 

The owner, Kristine Route, grew up in a small mountain community
of the Colorado Rockies. She came to Cooper Landing in 2010 for
an internship with Alaska Rivers Company and moved there after
completing her undergrad at Colorado State University in 2011. Kristine
joined the volunteer service program, AmeriCorps, in 2012 where she
served for four years and obtained her Master degree at Alaska Pacific


Kristine (Krissy) at grandma's house pretending to use an old camera. 

My first camera! Given to me by my Grandmother.  It might not have had any film in it, but I sure pretended it did. It wasn't until I was 12 when my parents gave me multiple disposable cameras as a test to see if I could handle a real one. On my thirteenth birthday, my brother gave me a Kodak Advantix that I used for many years. Once the digital age began my parents gave me Kodak Easy Share as a Christmas Present. I thought it was the best camera ever complete with its own printer. After I proved to my folks that I was responsible and had a passion for capturing moments in time, they upgraded me to a Canon Easy Share. This began my love of Canon products. I now have the camera and numerous lens I could only dream of as a kid, the Canon Mark III. 

A fun fact about Kristine is that she is extremely patient. Patient enough to take her cat on outdoor adventures with her. She takes Yoda backpacking, kayaking, paddle boarding, cross-country skiing, etc. You name it and the cat is probably with her.  Why doesn't she just get a dog some might ask? Well one day she intends to, but don't think for a minute that the dog will be replacing the cat. She will just have two adventure buddies to go with! 

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